Friday, May 13, 2011


Just wanted to encourage people to check out some of our current releases that are out there in all fine mp3 stores.

Jrumhand-"Ajrift" EP contains 4 tracks of jazz influenced D&B, Jrumhand style.  The EP is available for purchase and download on Juno Downloads at:

Also, we are proud to present the forthcoming release from Arp-1

Arp-1-"Consciousness" EP is already available for preview on Juno Downloads and if you haven't heard these tunes you are missing out.  Arp-1's release has the perfect amount of musicality, depth, and sweet sounds that make it the perfect music to listen to for all occasions.  Don't sleep on this one.
You can find Arp-1's forthcoming release at:

SDR will also be featuring a release by Static & Scott Allen on June 1st.

Static & Scott Allen-"Slipping Away" EP- This E.P. will feature the stand out epic tune called "Walking In Darkness".  The tune starts out with a stripped down intro and then builds into a lush electronic soundscape, complete with nice pads and sweet vocals.  The second tune "Slipping Away" also features some nice female vocals, and lush atmospherics.  This EP will be available for preview soon, keep it locked!

Check us out on the web at:

Scott Allen & Bryn (Deeper Connection) Green


Greetings, wanted to make sure everyone had the chance to check out our new website.  we've uploaded some some already, but there is much more to come.  Eventually we'll have a full artist section complete with Bio's on each artist.  We will also have each release and forthcoming release documented in our "releases" section.  We will also feature a section that will allow artists to upload their demos directly to our website for the opportunity to do a release on SDR.  You can visit our "links" section to find out more about Soul Deep Recordings and people we support.  The web address is

Thanks for your support everyone!
Scott Allen & Bryn (Deeper Connection) Green

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Forthcoming on Soul Deep Recordings

April 28th - Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - "Primitive E.P."-This new release will feature 3 original songs by Scott & Bryn, including "Primitive", "Love Is All", and "Parallel Universe".  The release will also feature remixes by mSdoS and Brother.

May 8th - Jrumhand - "Ajrift" - A new E.P. by Jrumhand featuring 4 new tunes including, "Mui Ne", "A Trek Through Time", "You Knew It", and "Chapter & Verse".

May 17th - Arp-1 - Enough Said.  This is a must have for all liquid D&B fans.  Don't miss this one.

May 28th - Jaybee - Bringing you serious vibez here on his 2 song E.P.  The first tune is called, "I'll Make It Better" featuring the vocal stylings of Blak.  The second tune is a deep roller called "Love You So".

Some serious vibez coming to you from Soul Deep.  Keep it locked!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forthcoming Releases on Soul Deep Recordings

Hey everyone, just wanted to keep you up to date on some of our releases that will be coming out in the near future.  First of all, Stunna has a new EP that will be dropping on April 8th.  The release will be available on all major mp3 sites, including Beatport, Juno downloads, ITunes, Digital Tunes, and many more.  You can hear a preview of Stunna's release here on Juno Downloads:

Beat 70 will also have a release featured on SDR on April 8th.  The EP is titled the "Over & Over EP" and has 2 great cuts that are sure to please all fans of deep D&B.  Check out the tunes from this release at:

We are proud to announce that Muwookie will have a release featured on Soul Deep Recordings on April 17th.  The EP will include 4 tunes of Muwookie's finest work.  The tunes featured on the EP will include "Where the Rivers Flow", "Baby It's You", "Need It Now", and "You Gave Me".   

On April 28th, Scott Allen & Deeper Connection will release their new EP entitled "The Primitive EP".  The EP will feature the title track called "Primitive", which is a deep journey through raggae inspired D&B.  The duo was fortunate enough to get Brother to do a remix of the tune and it's an amazing interpretation of the original that must be heard.  The EP will also include the sweet sounds of "Love Is All", and a remix by the great mSdoS.

Thanks for the support everyone!

Scott Allen & Deeper Connection
Soul Deep Recordings

Friday, February 4, 2011

Soul Deep Recordings Label Launch

We're excited to announce that Soul Deep Recordings is now live in all major mp3 stores.  Some of the stores you can find us in include:  Beatport, ITunes, Juno Downloads, and Digital Tunes, just to name a few.  Projack's single is now available featuring his amazing song, "Mind Test".  Our next E.P. will feature the sounds of mSdoS and is set to drop on Feb. 12th.  Thanks for your support!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Soul Deep Recordings will be launching the new label in major mp3 stores on January 31st.  Our first release will feature the talents of Projack, with an EP entitled "Mind Test".  The EP will feature the song "Mind Test", an epic journey into liquid D&B, and will also include some other top notch productions by the English producer.  Stay tuned!  You can check out some of our other future releases at